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16 different types of coffee explained (espresso drink recipes)
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Step 1

Short black espresso is the 25-30 ml extraction of coffee beans ground for the espresso machine with pour time of 15-30 seconds. The short black espresso is the foundation part to every espresso based coffee drink. Short black is traditionally served in a preheated small ceramic cup.

Step 2

Double espresso or Doppio is a strong coffee simply consisting of two short blank espresso is the 2 oz or 60 ml extraction of coffee filter. A double shot of espresso served in a demitasse or ceramic cup which is preheated. It is often referred to as a standard double.

Step 3

Macchiato coffee is usually 1 shot of espresso topped off with milk foam. It consist of three different colored layers. - Bottom dark layer to represent the 1 shot of espresso.- Middle layer that mixes the espresso and the milk or dollop of steamed milk.- Top layer of the steamed milk foam. The milk foam helps to soften the bitter espresso taste.

Step 4

A Ristretto Espresso made with the same amount of coffee but half the amount of water. It is usually very strong coffee.- 1/2 or half the amount of standard espresso shot.- 1/2 or half the amount of water.

Step 5

Americano or Long Black is very simply an espresso shot topped up with hot water or just a filtered coffee.- Simply boil water around 200 ml or 6 oz or 2/3 cup and pour in a cup or mug.- Extract 1 shot of espresso around 75 ml or 2 oz (more if you like it stronger) over the hot water.

Step 6

Café latte or “Latte” for short, is an espresso based drink with steamed milk in a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio with a little micro-foam added to the coffee.- Extract 1 shot of espresso around 2 oz or 75 ml into a cup or tumbler.- Add steamed milk and pour on top around 5 oz or 150 ml.- Putting some micro-foam around 1 cm on top of the steamed milk.

Step 7

Cappuccino Espresso is similar to a Café Latte and made with hot milk and steamed milk foam. Main difference is that a cappuccino served in a cup instead of a glass tumbler with more foam and sprinkle chocolate on top of the drink.- Extract 1 shot of espresso around 2 oz or 75 ml into a cup.- Add steamed milk (5 oz or 150 ml).- Add micro-foam around 2-3 cm on top of the steamed milk. - Place sprinkle chocolate powder on top of the coffee.

Step 8

A flat white an espresso made similar to a latte or cappuccino expect it does not have any micro-foam or chocolate on top drink, it contains only with textured milk.- Extract 1 shot of espresso around 2 oz or 75 ml into a cup.- Add steamed milk and with less or no micro-foam.

Step 9

A piccolo latte is a shorter version of the Café latte, seems to be quite specific with 30ml of espresso to 70ml of silky warm milk in a tiny cup.- 2 shot of espresso (2 oz or 60 ml) into a espresso cup.- Add steamed milk (150ml or 5 oz) and small amount of micro-foam poured on top.

Step 10

Mocha (cafe mocha) is similar to a latte only hot chocolate syrup is added.- Pour 1 shot of espresso into a cup.- Add 1 spoon of chocolate syrup or cocoa powder into the espresso shot and stir.- Add steamed milk (5 oz or 150 ml).- Top off with 2-3 cm of micro foam.- Sprinkle chocolate powder on top.

Step 11

An Affogato coffee is mainly serves as a drink for the hot summer days or after dinner as a dessert. - Scoop 1-2 spoons of vanilla ice-cream into a tumbler glass milk.- Pour a single or double shot of espresso over the ice-cream.

Step 12

Irish Coffee is made from brewed coffee mixed with whiskey, sugar, and heavy cream on top.- Preheat the coffee glasses by pouring boiling water and remove the water.- Place 1-2 sugar cubes in them and pour hot coffee over it (about 3/4 full). - Stir the blend to dissolve the sugar and- Pour 1 shot (2 oz or 150 ml) of Irish whiskey on top. - To finish off add 3 tablespoons of whipped cream.

Step 13

Turkish Coffee (Greek coffee) a traditional coffee drink made in cezve or a small copper pot with a long handle using fine ground coffee is immersed in water allowing maximum foam to form.- For each cup of coffee, use one cup of water and two teaspoons of coffee. - As the drink starts to froth and boil over, the first third is poured evenly between the cups, the cezve is then returned to the boil and, one it is frothing again, the rest of the coffee is poured.- When the coffee finally comes to a boiling point, allow the foam to rise to the top and then turn off the heat just when it looks as though it is about to spill over.- If you prefer your coffee sweet, add sugar to the cezve while it is being prepared and not after the coffee has been made.

Step 14

Vienna Coffee made with whipped cream with milk and chocolate.- Pour two shots of espresso into a normal sized coffee mug (with the option of adding chocolate syrup first). - Top up with whipped cream. - Place sprinkle chocolate powder on top of the coffee.

Step 15

Frappe coffee beverage is made with coffee powder, ice, and sugar, which are blended with water. It is simple to make, just blend 2 teaspoons of instant coffee with sugar and a little bit of water to make a foam. This poured into a cold glass and topped up with cold water and ice.

Step 16

Breve Espresso served with half milk and half cream.- Pour 1 shot of espresso into a cup (1 part)- Add steamed half-and-half mixture of milk and cream instead of milk (1 part).

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