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how to cover a dummy cake with buttercream

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Step 1

Step One: Cream Butter, Shortening and Vanilla

Step 2

Using an electric mixer, cream butter, shortening and vanilla until smooth. It will take approximately three to five minutes to reach a smooth consistency.

Step 3

Step Two: Add Confectioners’ Sugar

Step 4

Gradually add confectioners’ sugar to the mix at low speed. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl to fully incorporate the confectioners’ sugar into the mix. The mixture will be thick at this point.

Step 5

Step Three: Add Milk

Step 6

Add 1/8 cup of milk to mix until smooth. You may add more milk to reach desired consistency. Set frosting aside.

Step 7

Step Four: Smooth Styrofoam Cake

Step 8

Using a sanding block, gently sand the Styrofoam cake, eliminating any rough spots.

Step 9

Step Five: Place Cake Table to Turn Table

Step 10

Place the cake table on the turntable. You may use a few pieces of tape to secure the cake table if you are worried about it coming off.

Step 11

Step Six: Place Styrofoam Cake on Turntable

Step 12

Using a few pieces of tape, place the Styrofoam cake on the cake table. The tape will allow the cake to securely stay in place, as the Styrofoam cake will easily move around if not secured to the cake table since it is so light.

Step 13

Step Seven: Frost the Styrofoam Cake

Step 14

Use an angled spatula to frost the dummy cake. Spin the turntable to evenly frost the cake.

Step 15

Step Seven: Smooth the Cake

Step 16

Once the cake is fully frosted, use a cake smoother to smooth out any imperfections on the cake.

Step 17

Step Eight: Decorate Your Cake

Step 18

If desired, you may decorate your frosted dummy cake. If you are wanting to add multiple tiers, you may use a dowel rod and carefully stick it through the bottom Styrofoam cake and then gently add the next cake on top.

Step 19

Using a dummy cake is a great way to add tiers to a cake when you want the look of a big cake but don’t have a lot of people to serve.

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