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overnight new york-style cheesecake
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Servings: 16

Cost: $2.53 /serving


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Step 1

1 Position a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat to 200 degrees

Step 2

2 Generously grease the bottom and sides of a 9-inch round springform cake pan, with softened butter

Step 3

3 Cut out a circle of parchment and use it to line the bottom of the pan, if desired (this is especially helpful if you want to be able to easily remove the cake from a pan with a recessed base, as opposed to a pedestal-style)

Step 4

4 Set the pan on a large, rimmed baking sheet to catch any leaks and to help move the pan in and out of the oven

Step 5

5 Make the crust: In the bowl of a food processor with a capacity of at least 7 cups (1

Step 6

6 7 liters), process the chocolate wafers or graham crackers and granulated sugar until combined, about 30 seconds

Step 7

7 Add the melted butter and process until the crumbs are damp, about 30 seconds more, stopping to scrape down the sides and check for dry crumbs

Step 8

8 (Alternatively, in a medium bowl, combine the crumbs, butter and sugar and mix with a flexible spatula or with your hands

Step 9

9 )

Step 10

10 Transfer the crumbs to the prepared pan and, using your fingers or the bottom of a dry measuring cup, press firmly into the bottom of the pan and about 1/4 inch up the sides

Step 11

11 Make the filling: Wipe out, rinse and dry the food processor bowl

Step 12

12 In the bowl, combine the cream cheese, sugar, heavy cream, sour cream, eggs, liqueur, if using, vanilla and lemon juice

Step 13

13 Process until the mixture is smooth, 1 to 2 minutes, stopping to scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl and to check for lumps of cream cheese

Step 14

14 Remove the bowl from the processor base and scrape down the sides one more time

Step 15

15 Pour the cream cheese mixture into the prepared pan

Step 16

16 If you see a lot of bubbles on top, gently pop them with a fork or knife tip

Step 17

17 Transfer the pan with the baking sheet under it to the oven and bake for 6 to 8 hours

Step 18

18 The cake will still jiggle slightly when shaken, the top will range from fairly pale to light golden, and the surface should be free of cracks, though you may have a few small air bubbles

Step 19

19 An instant-read thermometer inserted in the center of the cake should reach at least 150 degrees and no more than 200 degrees (it will probably be somewhere around 180 degrees)

Step 20

20 Transfer the cake pan to a wire rack and cool until barely warm, 90 minutes to 2 hours

Step 21

21 During this time, the cake should pull away from the sides of the pan

Step 22

22 If not, address any stuck areas by running a small butter knife around the edges

Step 23

23 Transfer to the refrigerator to cool at least overnight, covering after the first few hours

Step 24

24 When ready to serve, remove the sides of the pan from the cake

Step 25

25 If desired, slide the chilled cake directly onto a serving platter using a large cake or offset spatula (this is simpler if you’ve used a pan with a pedestal-style base)

Step 26

26 If you’ve lined the pan with parchment, slide a long knife between the cake and the parchment paper

Step 27

27 Pull out the parchment and place the cake on a serving plate

Step 28

28 You can also serve the cake from the base of any style of springform pan

Step 29

29 Cut with a long, sharp knife dipped in warm water to prevent sticking

Step 30

30 NOTES: We use the food processor to make the batter, following the lead of cookbook author Erin Jeanne McDowell, especially because we’re already pulling it out to make the crust

Step 31

31 If you’d rather use a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment or a hand mixer with a large bowl to make the batter, work on low speed, first beating the cream cheese until smooth

Step 32

32 Then beat in the sugar, followed by the heavy cream, sour cream, liqueur, if using, vanilla and lemon juice, scraping down the bowl as needed

Step 33

33 Add the eggs, one at a time, ensuring each is incorporated before adding the next

Step 34

34 If you want to make this cake in a standard cake pan, generously grease the bottom and sides of a 9-inch round cake pan with softened butter

Step 35

35 Cut out a circle of parchment and use it to line the bottom of the pan

Step 36

36 Then, bake as directed

Step 37

37 To invert the cheesecake from the cake pan (or from a springform pan, if you don’t want to serve it on the base), slightly warm the bottom of the pan to warm the fat in the crust and ensure an easier release

Step 38

38 You can use a kitchen torch, set the pan on a warm, wet towel or place it over a burner set to low — just a few seconds will do

Step 39

39 Cover the pan with a sheet of parchment paper, wax paper or plastic wrap and an inverted plate

Step 40

40 Holding the plate tight to the pan, invert both

Step 41

41 If the cake doesn’t come out, don’t panic, just heat the bottom of the pan a few more seconds and try again

Step 42

42 Remove the pan and the parchment, if you lined the pan with it

Step 43

43 (You can refrigerate the upside-down cake until you are ready to serve, if desired

Step 44

44 ) Invert a serving plate over the cheesecake and then flip the whole thing so the crust is back on the bottom

Step 45

45 Remove the top plate and the paper or plastic wrap

Step 46

46 Cut with a long, sharp knife dipped in warm water to prevent sticking, or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve

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