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fluffy japanese soufflé pancakes (ふわふわスフレパンケーキ)

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Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 8 minutes

Total: 23 minutes

Servings: 2

Cost: $11.65 /serving


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Step 1

Measure out all of your ingredients in advance to help you work quickly. Separate the two eggs into two medium sized bowls (yolks in one bowl, whites in the other).

Step 2

Start heating your non-stick frying pan (with a lid) straight away on the lowest heat, this will help you get an even heat all over.

Step 3

To the bowl with the egg yolks, add 1 tbsp milk, ¼ tsp vanilla extract and whisk together.

Step 4

In a separate bowl, mix 30g of weak flour and ½ tsp baking powder, then sift it into the egg yolks mixture.

Step 5

Whisk until smooth and thick, then set aside while we make the meringue.

Step 6

In the bowl with egg whites, add ½ tsp lemon juice (or ¼ tsp cream of tartar) and starting whipping your eggs using an electric whisk using a high speed.

Step 7

When the egg whites have doubled in size and become a bit foamy, add 1 tbsp of sugar (just over 1/3 of your total sugar) and continue to whip.

Step 8

Continue to add the sugar one third at a time while whipping at a high speed.

Step 9

Add 1 tsp corn starch and keep mixing until the meringue is firm.

Step 10

Your finished meringue should be glossy with firm, straight peaks. This means when you take the whisk out of the meringue, some of the mixture will remain on the whisk looking sharp and pointy.

Step 11

First, take one scoop of your meringue and mix it with the pancake batter using a whisk. This is to loosen up the thickness of the batter and make it easier to stir in the rest of the meringue.

Step 12

Add half of the remaining meringue to the batter and fold in gently using a spatula (no whisk!). Mix as little as possible, you need to try and keep as much air in the batter as you can.

Step 13

Fold in the remaining meringue, as gently as you can until you can't see anymore white in the batter.

Step 14

Add a tiny bit of vegetable or canola oil to the lowly heated non-stick pan, and then wipe off the excess using a kitchen paper towel. (If there is oil left in the pan, the pancakes will become spotty)

Step 15

Using a large spoon or ladel (or piping bag if you prefer), pour your batter into one spot, layering up as high as you can before it starts spreading. Preferably try to cook 2 pancakes at a time and make sure they're not touching.

Step 16

Add a few tsp of water around the pancakes (I keep a small bowl of water next to the stove) and put the lid on. Cook for 1 min.

Step 17

After 1 minute, take off the lid and add some more batter on top of the pancakes to make them taller.

Step 18

Add a few more tsp of water around the pancakes and put the lid back on, cook for 3-6 mins.

Step 19

Using a spatula, carefully loosen the bottoms of the pancakes from the pan, and rather than "flipping" roll them onto their opposite sides.

Step 20

Add a few tsp of water again and cook for 3-4 mins until cooked in the middle.

Step 21

Repeat cooking steps 1-7 with the remaining batter to make 4 pancakes in total.

Step 22

Serve up immediately with your favourite toppings.

Step 23


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