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Prep Time: 90 minutes

Total: 90 minutes

Servings: 8


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Step 1

Remove any bruised outer leaves of the Napa cabbage, then cut it into quarters. Remove the core and cut the cabbage quarters again lengthwise into long 2.5 inch (6 cm) wide ribbons.

Step 2

Put the cabbage ribbons into a large bowl and sprinkle them with salt. Massage the salt into the cabbage (this works best by using your clean hands), squeezing to release the liquid. Cover the bowl and let it stand for 1-2 hours.

Step 3

Meanwhile, process the garlic, ginger, Korean chili flakes, soy sauce, and fish sauce in a food processor until a paste forms.

Step 4

After the salted cabbage has sat for 1-2 hours, add the grated carrot, green onions, and chili paste. Massage everything in the bowl to combine, wearing gloves if desired.

Step 5

Pack the kimchi into a Ball® Wide Mouth Quart Jar, pressing it firmly down with your hands or a spoon. Leave at least 2 inches (5 cm) of headspace. Pour any liquid from the bowl over the kimchi, pressing down firmly to help the liquid cover the cabbage. There may or may not be a lot of natural brine, but the cabbage will continue to release it as it ferments.

Step 6

Place the fermentation spring on top of the kimchi, flat side down, then twist the lid on.

Step 7

Wipe the jar down and cover it with a cloth. Store in a cool place for 24-36 hours.

Step 8

After this time, if the brine is still not covering the cabbage by one inch (2.5 cm), remove the lid and spring and add some additional brine to cover. You can make more brine by dissolving one teaspoon Ball® Salt for Pickling and Preserving into one cup of water. Wipe the jar rim before replacing the spring and lid, and discard any unused brine.

Step 9

Check daily to make sure that the cabbage and vegetables stay under the brine.

Step 10

Let the kimchi ferment for one week, then do a taste test. If you like the mild tangy flavor, proceed to the next step. If you prefer a stronger flavor, you can ferment for one more week, tasting every 3 days, until the desired flavor develops.

Step 11

Once it has finished fermenting to your liking, remove the spring and add fresh brine as necessary to cover. Wipe the jar rim before replacing the lid. Store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.