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baked eggs: qai ci (khai being)



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Servings: 9

Cost: $2.08 /serving


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Step 1

Take a chopstick or a strong bamboo stick and poke a small whole on the top of all the egg. Be gentle and try not to crack the sides or the whole egg or else you won't be able to fill it back it.

Step 2

After you poke holes on top of all the eggs, take the chopstick and poke it inside to break apart the yolk. Gently use the chopsticks to help release the egg out and onto a bowl. If you notice shells going into the bowl, it's okay. We will strain it out later. Take the yolk and whites out of all the eggs. Be gentle and try not to poke the bottom of the egg or else you can't use it. Once the eggs are release out of the shell, you can rinse the shell or use a damp paper towel to clean it a bit.

Step 3

With the eggs in the bowl, take an immersion blender and blend the top half to release the gloopy whites so it will be easier to be put through a sieve. If you don't have an immersion blender, use a whisk or a blender. Just be mindful of the egg shells. Once well mixed, put it through a sieve over a bowl. Strain well so you don't have any shells left in the mixed eggs.

Step 4

Let's season. Add in all the seasonings to the eggs and mixed well. Once mixed, feel free to cook some so you can adjust the seasonings. Feel free to add green onions and other stuff if you desire. Just make sure to cut it super small. Pour the egg mixture into a pitcher with a lip (or any tool of your choice to put the mixture back into the shell).

Step 5

Then fill the all the eggs 3/4 back up.  Place it back on the cardboard flat.

Step 6

Bake on the cardboard flat for 1 hr @ 175 degrees F. After 1 hr, turn the oven up to 200 degree F and cook it for 1.5 more hour. After 1.5 hrs, take a bamboo skewer and poke it through the center of the egg. It should come out clean and the egg should feel semi firm as you poke it through. If you notice it's still soft, you can cook it for an additional 10-15 more minutes.

Step 7

Once cooked, take it off the heat and let it cool before consuming. Peel, cut and eat with sweet chili sauce. YUM!

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